INTRODUCING: The Bodhi Shoppe

by Hannah-Elizabeth & Shaunie Walker

The Bodhi Shoppe was created by an idea of practicing a natural lifestyle. It all starts with how you take care of yourself. We wanted to create bath and body products for every skin type, using natural products from natural ingredients. We use the name “Bodhi” (pronounced “Bow-Dee; a Sanskrit name meaning "Awakened" or "Enlightenment") to symbolize our awakening desire to provide natural bath and body options to the world. We believe that our products will give your body the awakening it needs to lead you to the enlightenment you deserve.


In our Buddhist practice, we believe that, to reach such enlightenment, one has to help others, not just themselves. We want to help people by creating all-natural products needed to maintain glowing, firm and youthful skin. We hope that, by using our products, we can make even the slightest positive impact on our customers and open the path to natural living. We wanted to further the goal of providing natural products by also providing packaging that is friendly to the environment. Our products come in recycled plastics and compostable materials that help to reduce our carbon footprint.


The way we take care of ourselves, what we put in and on our bodies, can impact our outlook on life. By implanting regular self-care regiments, we encourage self-improvement. And there’s nothing better than a better, more enlightened version of one’s self.


To dig a little deeper...the story of how we came to be initially started with...a lesson. “If you find a job doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”


Mom, a (multiple) small business owner, wanted to teach her daughter about the responsibilities of joining the “work force” and being an entrepreneur. She found success and happiness in working for herself and wanted to pass that on to her children. It started with attempting to train daughter of the ins and outs of Mom’s business. Daughter was interested in making money, but didn’t like doing the actual work. So mom sat down with daughter to find what really interested her…piece by piece, they formed the idea for The Bodhi Shoppe. 


Creating something of her own was the push daughter needed to pique her interest and give her best efforts. It was important to Mom to ensure that Daughter played a role in every aspect of the business: the fun stuff, the tedious parts and everything in between - to make sure Daughter had all the tools needed to grow the business and one day, manage it on her own. The process not only ignited the entrepreneurial spirit in Daughter, but also opened the way to Mom and Daughter developing a genuine respect and appreciation for each other, as partners and family.